Season 2 Squads (EU)
Season 2 Squads (EU)
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Season 2 Trailer

Season Start Date May 18th, 2019

Event Times: 8:00PM CEST

Registration Closed

The ROECL is proud to announce that we have partnered with the Ring of Elysium developers, Aurora Studios for Season 2 of the ROECL Squad leagues! The EU Squad League will consist of 6 weeks of play and will contain 30 teams. All events will be played in first-person perspective on Europa Island. All competitors will be required to abide by the ROECL Squad rule set for this season.

Season 2 registration will open on April 21st, 2019 and close on May 4th, 2019 at 9:00 PM EST. No late registrations will be accepted.

All teams will be assigned a qualifying heat number. Teams will compete in three(3) qualifying rounds against the teams in their heat. The top 30 scoring teams overall will qualify for Season 2. If a team does not show for their assigned heat, they will be disqualified from the qualifiers and unable to compete in Season 2.
All registered team captains will receive emails with their qualifier heat number, date, and time no later than May 8th 2019. All qualifier information will be announced on the ROECL discord when Season 2 registration has come to a close.

League Scrimmage Day/Times EU: Wednesdays & Fridays @ 9:00PM CET
Public Scrimmage Day/Times EU: Mondays @ 9:00PM CET

Season 2 will contain five(5) weeks of exhibitions held on Saturdays. Teams will accumulate points during their three exhibition matches per week (played back to back on Saturdays). Team points will then be placed onto the Primary Leaderboard. Each week Bravo Division will begin their three exhibition rounds at 8:00 PM CET followed by Alpha Division. Exhibitions rounds for Season 2 will be scored using the adopted official ROE scoring method.

End of Season Tournament
Season 2 will contain an End of Season Tournament held on the sixth week of the season.
This tournament will consist of the top 15 scoring teams of the season. Teams scores are accrued by playing in the seasons weekly exhibitions.
This tournament will be scored using the same official ROE game scoring method.
Tournament Prize Pool
1st Place: $1,000.00 USD
2nd Place: $600.00 USD
3rd Place: $400.00 USD

Game Scoring Method (points)

Elimination Score: 1 point per elimination

Placement Score (As shown on the end game score card):
1st = 5 points
2nd = 4 points
3rd = 3 points
4th-6th = 2 points
7th-10th = 1 points
11th-15th = 0 points

Extraction Score: 3 points per player on the helicopter.

Final Score: Elimination Score + Placement Score + Extraction Score

Season Division System

Season 2 will be based on an Alpha/Bravo Division system. After all exhibition rounds are played each week, the five(5) lowest scoring teams in the Alpha Division will be moved down to the Bravo Division. The five(5) highest scoring teams in Bravo Division will move up to Alpha Division (for week one(1) exhibitions, teams are put into two(2) randomly generated groups of 15 teams per group. Teams scores in these groups will determine what division they go into the following week (Alpha or Bravo)).
Teams in the Bravo Division earn 50% of their overall points.
Season Format
After each week's exhibitions, all teams points are added to the Primary Leaderboard. This Leaderboard is a culmination of a team’s weekly scores. The top 15 scoring teams on the Primary Leaderboard after week five(5) exhibitions will earn a spot in the End-Season Tournament.


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