ROECL Italian Open
ROECL Italian Open
  • EU Servers

In conjunction with the ROE Italian community, the ROECL is excited to announce the ROECL Italian Open!

This event will be run tournament style, being played on March 17th, 2019 and will consist of four(4) rounds of duo game play on Europa Island.
Each team will consist of two(2) players from the Italian ROE community only. The validity of each player and team will be verified by the Italian community administrators.

The ROECL Italian Open will have teams competing for the title of the #1 team within the Italian Community!

Event Details
Event Date: 17th, March 2019
Event Time: 8:00PM CET
Game Type: Duos
Rounds Played: Four(4)
Map: Europa Island
Server: EU

Game Scoring (points)
-Each team will receive 10 points per elimination.
-If a team accrues between 7 and 11 eliminations in a round they will receive a 1.5x multiplier to their elimination points.
-If a team accrues 12 or more eliminations in a round, they will receive a 2x multiplier to all eliminations points.
-Additional points will be awarded based on a top 5 placement:
1st = 100 points
2nd = 60 points
3rd = 40 points
4th = 20 points
5th = 10 points
-An extraction bonus of 40 points will be given for every player who makes it onto the helicopter.

Event Rules
Players and Rosters
Each team must include 2 players per roster. These players must be apart of the Italian ROE Community.
A team will be allowed to compete in the matches if at least one team member from the roster shows. However, we strongly recommend utilizing a full team in competition.

Fair Play
Any player found utilizing cheats, hacks, or exploits, will cause their entire team to be removed from the tournament. The guilty player will be banned from any future ROECL events. If a team is eliminated from a match they are not allowed to communicate with another team still engaged in that match.

It is very important to follow the timeline for all ROECL events. All information for each league event is subject to change so it’s every players responsibility to update himself on and the ROECL Discord server before the event or round starts regarding any changes.
If a team is missing from the lobby when it is time to start a round, the round may begin without them, unless the lobby host says otherwise.
All rounds are played back to back. There is no need for any competitor or team to exit the lobby when the round is over.

Technical issues
All players are responsible for their own technical issues including hardware, software, and network. Matches won’t be restarted because someone disconnects from the round. If a player disconnects they are allowed to reconnect if the game software allows. In a case where problems are affecting a large amount of competitors in a round, it will be decided by the ROECL staff on a how to proceed.
**If a round is played and the uncommon spectator bug occurs where the end game scorecard is not shown at the end of the round, the round will not count and an additional round will be played (known as a makeup round).**