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About the Pre-Season
The RoE CL duo pre-season will run for 4 weeks and will consist of 60 teams.

Pre-Season will contain weekly exhibitions. Teams will accumulate points during their two exhibition matches per week (played back to back).

The finale to pre-season will be our pre-season tournament held on Dec 15th 2018.
This tournament will consist of the top 30 scoring teams from pre season. These scores are accrued by playing in the weekly pre-season exhibitions.
The tournaments will be scored using the same method as the exhibitions.

Game Scoring (points)
Each team will receive 10 points per elimination.
If a team accrues 10 or more eliminations in Duos, they will receive double the points for each elimination.
Additional points will be awarded based on a top 3 placement: 1st = 100 points, 2nd = 70 points, 3rd = 40 points.

An extraction multiplier of +50% (per person) will be given to the teams overall score.

Pre-Season Ranking/Scoring
Pre-Season scoring will be based on an Alpha/Bravo Division system. After all exhibitions are played each week the teams that scored in the last 10 positions in the Alpha Division will be moved down to the Bravo Division, and the teams placing in the top 10 positions in Bravo Division will move up to Alpha. (The first exhibitions of pre-season (generated randomly) will determine the placement of teams for week two).
Teams in the Bravo Division will earn 50% less points than those in Alpha Division.

All points will roll over week to week and will be put onto the Primary leaderboard after each week of play. This Primary leaderboard is a compilation of all weekly scoring for all teams (both divisions). At the end of the month the top teams on the Primary leaderboard will earn a spot in the monthly tournament.

The chart above shows the division system for SQUADS but the same is format applied.

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