Contenders League
Contenders League
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The ROECL is proud to announce

the ROECL Contenders League!

This structured open league allows new comers and seasoned veterans alike to compete in an ongoing league format. No roster registrations, no sign ups just competitive Ring of Elysium!

New to competitive ROE? Don't want to commit to playing every Saturday during the season? But you want to see how you and your teammates stack up against other competitive players? The ROECL Contenders League is for you!

The format is simple!
Our staff opens Contender League lobbies on Monday's and Thursday's of every week. Four rounds are played in lobbies of 15 teams per lobby (maximum of 2 lobbies per time slot). Lobby times are listed below.

NA Contenders League: 9:00 pm EST (4 rounds)
EU Contenders League: 9:00 pm CEST (4 rounds)

NA Contenders League: 9:00 pm EST (4 rounds)
EU Contenders League: 9:00 pm CEST (4 rounds)

How to Compete:
1) Join the ROECL Discord and follow the simple instruction on the #welcome thread.
2) One hour before Contender League exhibition time, the #contender-rsvp thread will open. Using the team name of your choosing you RSVP your team by typing your team name into the thread.
3) 15 minutes before exhibition time, ROECL staff will assign your team to a lobby based on your Contender Rank.
4) ROECL Staff also assigns your team a team number for the day. That number will be your team Squad number in Discord voice channels and your team number in the in game custom lobby. All lobby info is posted in the #lobby-info thread.
5) Contender League rounds start at the times shown above and your team competes in your assigned lobby for 4 rounds.

Contender Rank (CR):
CR is a ranking number which is based on points scored during Contenders League exhibition rounds using the official Ring of Elysium scoring system (seen below). The more points you accrue in the Contenders League exhibitions rounds, the higher your teams rank on the leader board! CR is updated at the end of each Monday and Thursday.

Lobby Organization:
We organize the lobbies by your teams Contender Rank (CR). The 15 teams having the highest CR are placed into Lobby 1, while Lobby 2 is filled with 15 teams having lower CR.

Teams who are competing in the current Competitive League season are also welcome to compete in the Contenders League. These teams are last to be assigned to a lobby. Meaning, after the team with the lowest CR is assigned to a lobby, we then assign Competitive League teams to a lobby. We do not track Competitive League teams points in these rounds therefore they do not have a CR.

Team Stat Tracking:
Being that we track stats based on team name, you are able to change your team roster freely! You simply RSVP your team name using the instructions provided and we track the points for that team name, not your roster members. This means you can RSVP your team name on Monday with a group of players and if you don't feel it is a good fit, you can bring new players to your team on Thursday!
Keep in mind if you RSVP under a different team name, the point will not go to your previous team name. Once you lock in the perfect roster, it will be up to you to ensure you can keep grinding the CR leader boards with your team!

Why Compete in the ROECL Contenders League?
Not only is the Contenders League a good introduction to the ROECL and competitive ROE, but it also rewards the highest ranked teams! Teams with the highest CR are looked at first to move up into the current official season of the ROECL if a team is disqualified or drops out.

Contender League Rules
→ All ROECL Squad rules apply during the ROECL contenders league.
→ If Competitive League teams wish to participate in Contender League rounds, they will need to RSVP as their Competitive League team name.
→ Competitive League players are prohibited from competing on the Contenders League Teams.
→ The ROECL Contenders League is region locked. Players who play on NA servers for better ping must play in the NA Contenders League. Players who play on EU servers for better ping must play in the EU Contenders League.
→Although MOSS files will NOT be collected after Contenders League exhibitions, we recommend the use of MOSS during these events.

Leader Boards

EU Contenders League

NA Contenders League