Broadcaster Royale
Broadcaster Royale
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About the Broadcaster Royale
The ROECL is very excited to present our first ever Broadcaster Royale! This invite only event will showcase the top Ring of Elysium influencers and broadcasters. The solo contestants will participate in five(5) rounds played on the new Ring of Elysium map, Europa Island. Each game will be scored utilizing the ROECL solo scoring system (seen below). Whoever scores the most points at the end of the five(5) rounds, will be crowned the ROECL Broadcaster Royale Victor!

Event Broadcasting
Contestants will be encouraged to stream the event to their favorite streaming platform for their community and the ROE community to view! We ask that all contestants include in their stream title. We will not require a stream delay for this event. The event will also be broadcasted on the ROECL twitch channel.

Event Details
Event Date: 10th February, 2019
Event Time: 1:00 PM EST | 7:00 PM CET
Game Type: Solo
Rounds Played: Five(5)
Map: Europa Island
Server: NA

Event Prize
Aurora Studios has provided this very rare Europa Island glider skin to be given to the top 3 scoring contestants.

Game Scoring
- Contestants will earn 10 points per elimination
- When a contestant reaches 10 eliminations in a single game, their elimination points will double. Each additional elimination will be worth 20 points.
- Placement points will be given to the top 10 placements
1st - 100 Points
2nd - 90 Points
3rd - 80 Points
4th - 70 Points
5th - 60 Points
6th - 50 Points
7th - 40 Points
8th - 30 Points
9th - 20 Points
10th - 10 Points
- A bonus of 20 Points will be given for every player who extracts via helicopter.

Technical issues
All players are responsible for their own technical issues including hardware, software, and network. Matches won’t be restarted because someone disconnects from the round. If a player disconnects they are allowed to reconnect if the game software allows. In a case where problems are affecting a large amount of competitors in a round, it will be decided by the ROECL staff on a how to proceed.

It is very important to follow the timeline for all ROECL events. All information for the event is subject to change so it’s every players responsibility to update himself on and the ROECL Discord server before the event starts regarding any changes.
If a contestant is missing from the lobby when it is time to start a round it will be started without them, unless the lobby host says otherwise.
All rounds are played back to back, so there is no need for any contestant to exit the lobby when the round is over.