ROECL General Rule Set


League Definitions

League: There are two leagues that run in tandem during each season, the NA league and the EU league. These leagues consist of events where competitors compete in league events.

League Events: The general term used to describe all events during a season (discluding scrimmages). All league events are scored using the ROECL game scoring.

Seasons: An undefined number of weeks, where teams compete in scored exhibitions. Each week teams accrue scores that count toward an overall score on the Primary Leaderboard. The season’s capped off with an end of season event where the top teams play for prizes.

Invitational: An event consisting of Five(5) rounds. Teams who compete in this event are selected and invited by the ROECL Board of Directors. This event often is played for a cash prize pool or sponsored prizes. 

Tournament: An event consisting of four(4) rounds. The teams who compete in this event earn a position by playing in a ROECL season.

Exhibition: One or more rounds played during season play where teams accrue points to be added to the Primary Leaderboard.

Public Scrimmage: One or more rounds played during season play that do not count toward a teams league score. These scrimmages are open to those who have the League Member role on the ROECL Discord.

League Scrimmage: One or more rounds played during season play that do not count toward a teams league score. These scrimmages are open to teams and competitors competing in Season play only.

Round: A round is an instance that is being played on Europa Island that may/may not result in points for your exhibition/scrimmage.

Team: A team consists of up to six competitors, four main competitors and two alternate competitors.

Competitor: Often referred to as a player or member of a team. A competitor is a participant of the season or event and is a member of the ROECL discord.

Primary Leaderboard: The primary leaderboard is a compilations of all accumulated points that teams earn during the seasons weekly exhibitions using official ROE game scoring. 

Alpha Division: The alpha division consists of the top 15 scoring teams from the previous week. This division earns 100% of their total points during the weeks exhibitions.

Bravo Division: The bravo division consists of the bottom 15 scoring teams from the previous week. This division earns 50% of their total points during the weeks exhibitions.


Squads Rule Set:



►The ROECL reserves exclusive rights to broadcast, stream, and record all league events. With the exception of the opening weekend of Season 2 of the ROECL, if a competitor is found streaming any league event they will be disqualified from the rest of the season.
We do however allow competitors to personally stream their scrimmages. If a competitor decides to stream a scrimmage, it is mandatory that they include “ROECL” in their stream title and also that they use a delay of 3 min for League scrims and 5 min for Contenders League events. This is to protect all competitors game integrity.If you are a streamer/caster and want to cast any of the scrimmages played in Season, please contact a ROECL staff member to get approval to do so.

In-Game Communications

►All teams are required to use ROECL discord voice channels during league events, to exclude scrimmages. Team Captains will join the Pre-Game Lobby and be assigned a numbered Voice Channel (this channel will coincide with the teams in game squad number). The team captain will be responsible for relaying this assigned voice channel to his/her team after the Pre-Game meeting has finished. Teams who are found using VOIP clients other than the ROECL discord during events will be penalized 3 points per day of competition. This is to ensure communication integrity and communication equality for all teams competing.
If the discord server goes down for ALL teams, the match in progress will be halted and will resume when the server is back online.



►It is very important to follow the timeline for all ROECL league events. All information for each league event is subject to change so it’s every player’s responsibility to update himself on and the ROECL Discord server before the exhibitions/tournament/invitational or round starts regarding any changes.

►If a team is missing from the lobby when it is time to start a round it will be started without them, unless the lobby host says otherwise.

►All rounds are played back to back, so there is no need for any competitor or team to exit the lobby when the round is over.

►It is the responsibility of each team captain to read discord for important messages regarding league events.

►If a team does not show to compete two weeks in a row without notification they will be removed from the current season.

►If a team (minimum 3 members) misses both weekly scrimmages, 3 points will be deducted from their primary leaderboard score.


Technical issues

►All players are responsible for their own technical issues including hardware, software, and network. Matches won’t be restarted because someone disconnects from the round. If a player disconnects they are allowed to reconnect if the game software allows. In a case where problems are affecting a large number of competitors in a round, it will be decided by the ROECL staff on how to proceed.


Region & age restrictions

►A team is only allowed to play in one league (NA or EU) per season. All team members must be of age 15 or older.

►A team is only allowed a maximum of 2 out of region players on its roster in their chosen league, including alternates. (EX: A team registered on NA can have a maximum of 2 players from EU/AS.) This does not apply to players in the OCE region because servers are not available there.


Players and Rosters

►Each team may consist of up to 6 players per roster, but no less than 4.  A player is only allowed to register and compete on one team per season (unless a trade is made during the seasons trading period) .

►A team will be allowed to compete in the matches if at least two team members show. However, we strongly recommend utilizing a full squad in competition. For Season 2 we will be allowing teams to make a roster changes/trades of no more than two(2) players after week 3 exhibitions. These roster changes/trades must be finalized before week 4 exhibitions

►If a team is eliminated from a round they are not allowed to communicate with a team still engaged in that round.

►All competitors are prohibited from talking in the ROECL twitch chat during their division exhibition rounds (even if the competitor has been eliminated from the round).

• First violation: A warning is issued to the competitor(s)
• Second violation:The competitor’s team will be penalized 1 point for every following infraction.

►Competitor in-game name changes are prohibited during season play. If a competitor changes his/her IGN mid-season, the ROECL Board Members may remove the competitor from the season with discretion.



Fair Play:

►Any competitor found utilizing macros, exploits, tampered game files, or third-party software that creates an unfair advantage will cause their entire team to be removed from the season. The guilty competitor will be banned from the ROECL indefinitely. Additionally players with VAC banned accounts will be subject to investigation and possible removal from the league.


►MOSS anti-cheat monitoring client may be required to be ran during league exhibitions by players under investigation for a violation for and of the Fair Play rules. The ROECL Board of Directors reserve the right to enforce this rule as they see necessary.

A) If the player under investigation refuses to run MOSS during exhibitions upon request they will be removed from the current season. B) If the player cannot produce non tampered MOSS files or complete MOSS files the player will be subject to removal from the current season.

B) If the player cannot produce non tampered MOSS files or complete MOSS files the player will be subject to removal from the current season.


The Bradly character is prohibited in ROECL competition. (Addendum 4/23/19)


• First violation: A warning is issued to the competitor(s)
• Second violation: Any points earned by the competitor(s) in the round will be deducted and an additional 1 point will be removed from the team’s score.
• Third violation: The competitor is removed from the season/event (Second violation penalty is also applied)


Playing the game in Chinese is prohibited due to the current lack of police siren and the potential of an unfair audio advantage.

(A team who is removed from the season for violating any of the Fair Play rules will not be allowed to compete in the following season.)